Finding Focus

We were commissioned create this inspirational story of photographer Kenneth Nguyen. Despite a rocky upbringing and years of uncertainty, Kenneth has established himself as a well known photographer locally and internationally. This time we’ve teamed up with internationally renowned animation rockstars House of Radon.

We tell his story.

Client: Ford Motor Company

Director: Niels Borup & Peter Skov Nielsen
Writer: Emil Asmussen
Cinematographer: Toke Mathias Riskæjr
Post Production: Niels Borup & Peter Skov Nielsen
Motion Director and Animation: Johan Alenius, House of Radon
Animation: Peter Skov Nielsen
Drone Operator: Lau Haslund Andersen
Sound Design: Sam, SuperSonic
Music and Speak Recording: Tom Jørgensen, Eyeball
Music: Morten Øland & Eigil Jørgensen
Production Assistant: Tobias Jørgensen